Proceso para solicitar y obtener un numero e identificación de extranjero (NIE)

Los sentimos, este post esta solo en castellano.

In this article we will approach the N.I.E. number (that could be translated into English as “number of identification for foreigner”), what it is used for, how to apply for it, personally or through a Agent, describing the costs, the stages of the process and providing links to download the official forms that will be required during the process.

This official number is, at the same time, the foreigner’s identification number as well as formal tax number.

Any person who wishes to purchase a property is required to obtain a NIE number. The NIE number can also be required for other matters such as purchasing a car or requiring any type of formal invoices.

Since we have experimented in our experience several modifications in the porcess to aply and obtain the NIE number, we would like to enphazise that the information herein is valid for the date of publishing this post. At this moment in time it is not necessary to apply in person at the Comisaría de Policia Nacional (National Police Station). The National Police offices to apply for the NIE number are those coresponding to the municpality where the property is located at.

The usual process to apply for the number required doing it in person, carrying the applicant’s passport with two clear photocopies and proof of the future address in Spain. The usual way to do this is by carrying the original of the property purchase reservation contract, with a clear photocopy. The last items to add to the list of paperwork is the proof of payment of the Public fee or tax for the assignament of the NIE number and the production of a certificate with its details.

The payment of the public fee can be done at any office from the BBVA bank. There is seldom a branch of this bank next to the Police station. Our advice is to do de payment the day before. The fee is approximaltely eighteen Euro (18 €). The form used is called 790 and can be download from our website www.criadokraus.com following this link http://www.criadokraus.com/clients-area/. Registration is required.

The applicant is required to provide three printed and filled out apllication forms together with the paperwork described before. The forms will be stamped remaining one of them with the applicant. The form used is called EX-15 and can be download from our website www.criadokraus.com following this link http://www.criadokraus.com/clients-area/. Registration is required.

If you intend to apply in person, you must be aware that the process to queue and apply at the different stations of the National Police where to submit the application form may vary from one municipality to another. In the case of Marbella, applicans queue at the station’s doors from approximately 7 a.m. in the morning. At 8,30 a.m. a police officer opens the doors and distributes one by one a ticket, a number of order to accces the Department for Foreigners within the National Police. There are no appointments. An applicant may take more time and another may take less. This has the inconvenient that applicants don’t really know when will they be called to access and there isn’t a proper waiting room. Applicants must wait outside the station to be called. It does not seem a good idea to go very far or for too long time. It is very important to not to miss the call or the applicant will have to try again another day.

The NIE number is usually ready for collection within two to four weeks, depending in the load of work of the specific Police station. The officer attending applicants will confimr at the applicant’s stamped application form the day when the NIE number can be collected.

The final document can be collected in person but also by a third party appointed at the application form. The identity number of the third party will be incuded at the form so when the NIE is collected it is enough with showing the original passport number.

Having said this, today it is possible to apply through a third person, an professional like ournappointed Agents. This is the way we recommend at Criado & Kraus to apply and obtain a NIE number. The process to apply with our Agent requires to preapre the following paperwork:

– Applicant’s passport Notray witnessed copy.
– Notarial Power of attorney (POA).
– When these documents are produced out of Spain with foregin Notaries, both documetns need to have a special seal from the Hague Convention Apostille.

A brief note with the applicant’s parents first name and confirmation of the permanent address at the home country is also to be provided.

If you require any assistancce in the preparation of the described documents, we could also at Criado & Kraus provide the service to interact with your locally appointed Notary Public, sending the necessary insrtrucitons via email including a draft or wording of Power of Attorney to be signed by the applicants in the Notary’s presence. The details of the Agent we reccomend will be included at the POA clauses, so the document can effective when used at the offices of the Spanish National Police.

The official forms will be filled out and presented by the Agent prior sorting the payment of the Public fee.

All the paperwork is produced and collected by the Agent from our offices. When the NIE number is ready is then delivered in our offices.

Our service fee to provide the NIE number is 150,00 € plus VAT.

FINAL NOTE: When a non-european citizen applies for the NIE numebr there is a slight modification at the paperwork to provide. It is not enough to provide a copy of the passport page where the picture is. It is required to provide a full passport copy

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