In case you wish to invest or run a professional activity in Spain creating a Spanish company, retaining staff and in essence to set up a business we can help you. Our local knowledge and experience in Marbella will save you the “learning cost” and will make all happen simply and swiftly.

Also, please not that there could be cases when it could be more beneficial to purchase property in the name of a local company for many different reasons like privacy, tax efficiency or just to own property in a more professional way with the purpose of generating profits through a well set up real estate professional business.

Whatever is your reason why you may need or wish a corporate structure we would be delighted to guide you and help you.Should you choose to use this option, we can assist you in setting up the company, inform you of accompanying costs (accountants, directors etc.) and ensure that all is properly registered.For more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring real estate through Spanish-registered companies, please consult our web site.